We have created a very easy return procedure in order to make your online shopping experience pleasant, even when you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. Please note that not fully satisfied means damaged defective or not as described. Please choose sizing carefully. If in doubt send us your measurements and we will make item especially to your measurements free of charge. We respect the customer and its for those reasons we offer top grade customer service. You can return any item purchased on our Online Store within  7 working days from the delivery date and 28 days for an exchange or alteration.

Here’s how: Make sure the items are in the same condition you received them in, with all labels still intact. Either call us or email us to get a Return Number, prepare the package and add your own tracking number on the prepared label sent inside your package. Please put this over the prior delivery information.

With our return service, you will be responsible in the event of theft or loss during delivery to our returns facility .It is important that you send package with complete tracking online. If you do not we cannot accept a refund without a tracking number. The refund you will receive will include the costs of returned items and not the  shipping costs. All items from us are sent with free shipping, but at our cost standard.  If you are sending item back for an alteration this is free and all shipping will be at our expense. You will be responsible for shipping item back to us.

All alterations are free of charge if item does not fit to your expectations. We do not offer refunds for hindsight buyers (The ones that buy something try it on and think It does not suit me) as we are very busy so it is up to you to make sure you are fully satistfied with 1 the style. 2 the fit. and 3 the terms and service. As stated earlier, if in any doubt as to the fitting or anything in relation to your Item  please contact us first. The phone number and made to measure option is free so there should be absolutely no issues in regard to perfect fitting. Also please note that computer screens may vary in all browsers across the world so colours may show slight variations.
Again contact us with any queries on our freephone.

In regards to couriers,  If you prefer, you can also use any courier you want to. In all cases, return shipping costs and any possible theft or loss during transit will be as stated earlier at your own expense and responsibility. Please call us if any problems with your orders the number is free. Communication is the best option when shopping online Your return will be accepted within 3 working days from the delivery date at our warehouse. Refunds will be issued only for properly returned items. If your return does not meet the conditions listed, we will not be able to issue the refund and the package will be sent back to you. You may keep track of the return status through your tracking number online.

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All items purchased from One Off Couture will be shipped within 3 days using special delivery or UK courier tracked. For The rest of the world please allow 7 days. If your item is a "One Off item" and is made to your specific requirements we aim to deliver this in the same time frame although it will take no longer than 10 days. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and timescales so as our work is done by us only we can usually work round the clock to meet deadlines. All our items are
sent Internationally signed for. The price of delivery is free worldwide.  After payment is received we inspect garment to make sure everything is in order. When your package is sent we will email you the tracking number online so you know exactly where your garment is at all times We normally aim to send item same day, but we say 3 days to keep everyone happy. If you need your item for a specific date please call or email us and we will make sure your item is there for that date. Also please note that your shipping address must be the same address as your billing receipt, if it is not we will refund money and cancel the transaction.
Thanks again,
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One Off:

is a relatively new label sparked in 2008, then finally established and trademarked in 2009/10 and Influenced by all aspects of fashion and major designers from the early nineties until this present day.  Firstly, a big thank you for those who supported us through the launch of the brand back in 2010 we are most grateful. The idea originally sparked in 2008, then we put the idea into action in the later part of 2009.  The trademark was registered on the 4th of December 2009 and came into force  on the 12th March 2010  with no opposition.  We were astonished by the amount of traffic and interest from the public and knew in our hearts of hearts that this was the way to go. We did our research and not only was this a unique name it was a unique idea.

Since then there has been a few copycat entity's all following the "One Off" trend. Whether it be making pages with titles "One Off: this One Off that and offering similar services  to their existing pages or deliberately targeting our words with the intent on riding of the back of us in Google search. We started this "One Off"

angle in regards to fashion  as can be seen on the UK trademark  register 2009. We trademarked the name /emblem "One Off" and also the three word combo "One Off Couture" as we were and still are serious about what we do. As a result we spent the first part of this year fighting off trademark infringers instead of doing what we do and like to do best. Design clothing.

Trademark info: If ever in doubt as to who "One Off" really is check the UK trademarks website,  there you will find that all the companies claiming page titles "One Off this, and One Off that" in relation to fashion and clothing have just jumped on the bandwagon after realising "Why didn't we think of that ourselves?" We wish them good luck though as been copied by others is a form of flattery, although somebody trademarked a name called "One off wear" back in the 90s specialising in women's clothing we don't know who they were or what they did as there is no record. That name has since expired or gone bust anyway, We believe in our foundation and stand by what we do to the fullest extent.

Our aims: We aim to be unique and offer unique designer clothing at reasonable prices. The

One Off collection shown on this site are all made by us here in the UK from scratch so when you buy from us be rest assured you will receive the upmost quality. You will never get low quality garments from us. This is what we are against and our brand name is paramount. There are a few large internet companies that shock us at One Off Couture. I will not mention names but they advertise online using the best models with good lighting etc, but when you order an item  it comes through the post, only then does the quality become apparent . I mean come on. Is this what fashion is about?

We would be embarrassed to ever get into that kind of quality of clothing. Again when shopping online the price will usually reflect the quality regardless of what the pictures may say. Another sure sign is when the items for sale are zoomable up to full screen size, Beware of any site that does not let you zoom right in close to the clothing unless they are a trusted site by yourself. Don't get us wrong they are some sites that do not have to let you zoom right in and inspect the item closely that are reputable. These reputable sites do not zoom in because they do not have to as they are well established and their customers know what is what.

Not only do we breathe fashion we also breathe customer satisfaction. What you see is what you get, bold prints, lots of colour, and most of all one off designs with extreme attention to detail.. Also please bare in mind that the

One Off Couture brand

on our site are made by us and are not available anywhere else in the world standard!  One Off: One Off Couture is fresh, full of attitude and on-point; ready to cater for all of you unique fashionistas out there. Shortly we are looking to collaborate with other unique fashion designers so as to complete the brand name and at the same time create something that is fresh and desirable to all those searching for unique  designer fashion or

One Off clothing not just by us but also by the other hundreds and thousands of unique designers  whom are out there and unseen.

Our collections: are based on

unique designer fashion and One Off clothing. This is what we had in mind from the outset back in 2008. What the term "One Off Couture" means is that although a lot of  our clothing is ready to wear, it is still  considered "One Off clothing" as it is clearly different from most designer labels out there. It also has a second meaning as in

One Off

where you can design your own clothing and dresses online so as to stand out and be different from the crowd. Don't get me wrong there have been a few "design your own t-shirt" companies online for a long time that offer a similar service, But this is not to be confused with what we do.

If you don't believe us, Google "design your own t-shirt online


you will most surely get hits. When you do you will see the difference between what we do and what they do is like night and day. No offence to anybody, and good luck to anybody with any of these ideas, but you will see the difference in design, quality and also the price. Each reflects each other. We  stand by what we say when we say we breathe fashion and that this idea was thought out by us who are dedicated to this brand in a simple hotel in Ibiza in 2008 .Then finally put into action in 2009 we mean it.  For women looking for "One Off dresses" click here and view the details regarding women's One Off Clothing. In the meantime.
whether your an entrepreneur or just good at something. Be unique, be individual @ One Off Couture.

Safe shopping online: We have a safe shopping procedjure that allows us to take all majors credit cards and is encrypted using paypal. It is an easy no nonsense gateway and we like it for its simplicity. PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. They have over a decade as the leader in secure payments online. We have learned a thing or two about keeping your information safe we have nothing to do with your bank details instead all your info and details are done through paypal and your bank. The simplicity is as its between you and your bank it is also less work for us here at One Off Couture. We do not have access to any of your financial details. That’s because all your financial information (like your bank account details and your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on paypal  servers. So you don’t need to share your financial information or expose your details online or in public. All in all it is simple, effective and safe.

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Protected by One Off Couture TM . Established 2010. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved
Protected by One Off Couture TM . Established 2010. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved