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One-Off-Couture womens-wear

are back and are proud to announce that in addition to the ready to wear designs we are going to be adding the One-off-clothing  option this spring, so that if you want to stand out and be different, you can try out our design your own clothing options.


Looking for that

unique designer dress

? The one-off-dress where it's for you, and only you? Perhaps you are looking for unique designer menswear or that One-Off t-shirt? We will have it all here in the next few months.

When we say


, we mean high quality clothing whatever item you may choose. We have designed clothing for quite a few celebrities in the past. This does not mean because we have designed custom clothing for celebrities you must  buy from us, anybody can design for a celebrity its all about the

1  : The satisfaction of you, the customer.
2 : The quality of clothing .
3 : The  creativeness of the designer/design.

Maybe you  are not happy where your hips sit
? Or maybe you are worrried about the size of your bust? Not everybody has the body of a super-model.  To create that 


is not  like some websites claim. Fact.

To get it unique it takes more than just to pay online then
submit your measurements into a combox and hope for the best.  For instance you could be a size 8, and only 5.4. The catwalk model wearing the same design could be also size 8, but she is 6.2.. You tnen receive your dress and you do not look like the glossy picture advertised. 

We can produce that


or that one-off-piece that you wanted. The main thing we need at one-off-couture from you is the biggest thing that any unique designer fashion label needs. When producing that one-off dress for the customer , we need solid

We have a simple procedure to create that one-off-couture wow factor. just give us the full details  including height , body etc, but to perfect it we have developed a process so you can see online what the design will actually look like beforehand . Further details will be added shortly. We
love what we do at one-off-couture. We love

unique clothing

.  We love

designing fashion

. We love getting it right. Be unique this Summer, be different, be


@ One-off-couture/


Before you commit to buy anything from One Off  Couture our  graphic designer will do you a virtual design . If you do not like for any reason and you decide not to go ahead we will refund your money no questions asked. Be unique be individual at One Off CoutureTH
By One Off Couture

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